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Funky Air Plant- Tillandsia Funckiana

Funky Air Plant- Tillandsia Funckiana

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These funky air plants grow in the wildest ways, which is why they are called Funky!

Air Plant Care: Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal. Too much heat from the sun will cause your plant to dry out. Rinse thoroughly under water once a week, and soak for 20-30 minutes in water every 2-3 weeks. Misting can be done every other day. Shake out excess water to prevent rotting. No soil needed, thrives in the open air.

Approximate size: 1" wide x 3-5" long

Additional info:

  • FORM: These spiky air plants like to twist and turn in all directions. Mostly grassy green in color with a woody base.
  • COLOR: Light green with red flower.
  • WATER: Mist well every other day
  • MOUNTING: All mediums, excellent globe plant.
  • NATIVE HABITAT: Native of Venezuela